Repeat Prescriptions

View all the information you need about repeat prescriptions here.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered online, by post and by dropping your request into the box on the wall in Reception. Repeats prescriptions are usually ready within 48 hours.

*Please note we no longer accept requests over the phone.
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Repeat Prescriptions

Click log in below to order your repeat medication online if you've already signed up for online access. If you haven't signed up for online access and would like to, please click the online access form button below and print off the document, fill it out and bring it into the surgery with valid proof of address and photo identification. If you don't have access to a printer we can provide you with a online access form at the surgery.

Once you've filled out an online access form you will be given an account ID, account linkage passphrase and an organisation code. If you have these details you can sign up by clicking the button below.

Online Access Form

Frequently Asked Questions

View below some frequently asked questions about prescriptions...

When should I order my repeat prescription?

You should order your repeat prescriptions when you have 7-10 days of medication left to ensure you have your medication before you run out.

How do I order my repeat prescription?

You can order your repeat prescriptions online, hand in the tear-off part of your repeat prescription to reception or write a letter to us detailing the the repeat prescriptions you need.

How do I order prescriptions online if I have never done so?

You will need print off an online access form, fill it out and bring it into the surgery. Once you've filled out an online access form you will be given an account ID, account linkage passphrase and an organisation code. You will then have the ability to set up your account via the sign up link above.

Can somebody else order repeat prescriptions on my behalf?

If you provide consent to us, family members, carers and care home managers will be able to request access to online services on your behalf. This will enable you to nominate someone to assist with the online ordering process if required.

What if I forget to order my repeat prescription and the GP practice is closed?

we usually take two working days to generate a prescription. Once a repeat request has been made by a patient/pharmacy, this will still apply. However ordering online provides more flexibility enabling patients to order medication outside our opening hours. If you have run out of your medication and we are closed, you should contact your usual community pharmacist who may be able to assist you or contact 111.

What if I or someone I know still needs assistance with ordering their repeat prescriptions?

We recognise that some patients may still require assistance with ordering their repeat prescriptions, for example, due to age, mental illness or capacity. In these circumstances, and with the agreement of the GP practice, the pharmacy or appliance contractor may carry on ordering on the patient’s behalf. If a family member, or carer, knows someone who they think needs help ordering prescriptions they should speak to the GP practice or pharmacy as soon as possible.

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